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About me


Welcome to Lei Ads


A platform curated by Leila, a seasoned marketing professional and proud graduate of Duke University.

Leila’s remarkable journey in the digital marketing space began in 2016, following her graduation from Duke University. Armed with a comprehensive education and a passion for the ever-evolving field of marketing, she has dedicated her career to exploring multiple areas such as Paid Search, Paid Social, Display Remarketing, Programmatic Display, Earned Social, and Analytics. Alongside her corporate experience, Leila has developed a passion for assisting small businesses in their marketing endeavors.

Over the years, Leila has not only honed her skills as an individual analyst but has also transitioned into leadership roles, guiding and inspiring teams of talented peers. Recognized for her expertise and achievements, she has become a trusted source of knowledge and support for fellow marketing professionals seeking practical solutions to their day-to-day challenges.

Lei Ads was born out of Leila’s desire to share her expertise and empower small business owners to navigate the complex world of digital marketing on their own marketing journeys. By combining her academic background with her industry experience, she offers a unique perspective that resonates with aspiring and established business alike. She believes that every small business deserves a chance to thrive and aims to level the playing field by equipping them with the tools and insights necessary to compete in today’s competitive marketplace.

Together let’s dive into the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, unveiling strategies, and insights that will help you thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. Together, let’s pave the way for growth and success.



Each business is unique in what their marketing needs are.



Marketing strategies must be tested, maintained, and evolved with the business.



Marketing is not a set-it-and-forget-it funnel.


Let’s Discuss Your Marketing Needs

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Let’s help you determine what is working.

We can prepare a in-depth audit on the marketing of your business to pin-point what is working and what areas could use additional support.


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